In 1963, the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association (OISRA) began governing high school Alpine ski racing.

In 2000, the OISRA added Nordic as a new sport.

For 21 years, OISRA governed both high school Alpine and Nordic ski racing. The organization’s mission and guiding principles were the same for both sports.

In 2022, for administrative and logistical purposes, the Nordic Division amicably withdrew from OISRA and formed a separate organization: the Oregon Interscholastic Ski Racing Association Nordic (OISRAN).

All the previous OISRA Nordic ski teams are now OISRAN ski teams, which are listed on the Teams page.

Professional Coaches

In addition to having a passion and commitment to Nordic skiing, OISRAN certified coaches are professionals who have completed training in Coaching Fundamentals, First Aid and Sudden Cardiac Arrest, Concussion Awareness, and Abuse Prevention.

OISRAN has a Coaches’ Code of Ethics and Abuse/Molestation Guidelines that further demonstrate OISRAN’s commitment to making Nordic skiing a fun and positive experience for all participants.

Mission & Guiding Principles

Our mission is to provide leadership and coordination for high school Nordic ski racing activities that are accessible to any interested student.

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Stress fun and adventure, within the boundaries of safety and fairness
  • Stress team participation, while including individual recognition
  • Have flexibility that builds inclusiveness

Organizational Structure


OISRAN is a 501 (C) 3, board-governed organization comprised of its member coaches.

Designated Head Coaches throughout the state of Oregon are the voting members who nominate and select the OISRAN Board of Directors. The Board provides oversight for high school Nordic racing activities in the state.


OISRAN teams are grouped into three Leagues, which are the official competition sanctioned structures within a geographic area.

The designated Head Coaches direct all activities at the League level.

Each league hosts events that are qualifying races for the State Championships.


OISRAN teams are comprised of students who attend the same high school.

Varsity teams consist of not more than 5 students of the same gender who attend the same school. Additional members of a team beyond the varsity team are called junior varsity members.

Participation by Skiers who are not on OISRAN Teams

Middle school skiers can participate in OISRAN activities as “Provisional Skiers. They do not represent their schools and cannot score points at a race, but they can participate in OISRAN training and race events if they register online. They must be supervised by an OISRAN certified coach.


All OISRAN sanctioned events must be attended by only OISRAN registered participants, and an OISRAN certified coach must be present.

Coaches, parents, and other volunteers provide the workforce for all OISRAN activities.

The program season is the same as the Oregon Schools Activities Association (OSAA) winter sports season – starting in early November and going through late February.

THE NUMBERS (2022-23)

    • 60 coaches
    • 223 High School Skiers
    • 39 Provisional (middle school) Skiers
    • 15 Teams
    • 3 Leagues
    • 11 League Competitions
    • More than a hundred volunteers – parents, alumni and members of Nordic communities. The program would not be affordable without the work of the volunteers and it would not be sustainable without their passions.
    • All competitions are held on Forest Service lands: at 4 different resort areas, at 3 different trails systems that are groomed for Nordic skiing by ski clubs or the Forest Service.


  • Participation fees from students
  • Membership dues from coaches
  • Corporate Sponsors (Thank You!) and other private donations
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