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OISRAN Coaches' Code of Ethics

The function of a coach is to educate students through participation in interscholastic competition. An interscholastic program should be designed to enhance academic achievement and should never interfere with opportunities for academic success. Each student-athlete should be treated with respect and support, and their welfare should be uppermost at all times. Accordingly, the following guidelines for coaches have been adopted by the OISRAN Board of Directors.

The coach shall be aware that they have a tremendous influence, for either good or ill, on the education of the student-athlete and, thus, shall never place the value of winning above the value of instilling the highest ideals of character.

The coach shall uphold the honor and dignity of the profession. In all personal contact with student-athletes, fellow coaches, officials, athletic directors, school administrators, the OISRAN organization, the media, and the public, the coach shall strive to set an example of the highest ethical and moral conduct.

The coach shall take an active role in the prevention of controlled substances, including alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco products. The coach shall avoid the use of controlled substances, including alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco products when in contact with athletes.

The coach shall be knowledgeable of the OISRAN Bylaws, OISRAN Policies and Race Rules and shall teach the Race Rules to their team members. The coach shall not seek an advantage by circumvention of the spirit or letter of the rules.

The coach shall exert their influence to enhance sportsmanship by parents and spectators.

The coach shall respect and support contest officials. The coach shall not indulge in conduct which would incite players or spectators against the officials. Public criticism of fellow coaches, officials or players is unethical.

A coach shall not exert pressure on faculty members to give student-athletes special consideration.