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No racer fee!  Sponsors have covered the race fees for all participants.  THANK YOU to the sponsors!

Mt. Bachelor waivers:  

  • A Mt. Bachelor waiver must have been completed this season for any skier to be able to compete in the State Championship races.
  • On Feb 12th, Sarah Swaney emailed all head coaches 
    • Sarah reported to the coaches the names of their skiers who had not completed a Mt. Bachelor waiver. 
    • Sarah asked the coaches to tell her which of their skiers are not going to state, so those names can be taken off the Mt. Bachelor list of students who should have completed waivers.
  • Feb 17th was the deadline for completing the Mt. Bachelor waiver.

Contact Sarah Swaney sarahmvhsnst@gmail.com if you need more information about these waivers.

Spectators on foot are allowed access to ONLY the stadium area:

You will not be allowed to go elsewhere on the trail system on foot. You must use a special marked and fenced route. Signs will guide you.


Use of the interior of the Nordic Lodge by anyone affiliated with the OISRAN race is prohibited unless purchasing food or tickets.  Portable toilets are to be used and are available at the entrance gate, the team area and near the finish.


  • Please tell skiers to keep all ski bags, packs, etc. out of the Nordic Center and use the designated area for team tents for any personal belongings.
  • Any large items, such as tents/tables, can be left at the Soccer Field overnight on Friday night, so they do not have to be hauled in and out on Friday.
  • All persons accessing or departing from the team tent area must be on skis.  Please no walking to or from the team tent area.


First Aid kit, other medical supplies, and OISRAN Medical Personnel will be in a Blue Tent near Timing Shed. Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol will be available for emergencies needing snowmobile assistance. For backup assistance, call Nordic Center @ 541-693-0999. If no answer, call 541-693-0911 for Mountain Ski Patrol.

Coaches Meetings:

Friday, Feb. 23rd -1:00 p.m. MANDATORY in the stadium below the announcer’s tent

Friday, Feb. 23rd -3:45 pm IF NEEDED in the stadium below the announcer’s tent

Saturday, Feb. 24th -7:45 am IF NEEDED in the stadium below the announcer’s tent


  • The classic race technique zone is short. It is on the steepest section of Easy Up near the top, and begins near where Easy Up turns right.


  • No start wand for Saturday’s Classic race.
  • Skiers for Saturday’s Classic race start on the “GO” command.  Early starts will be noted by the Start Supervisor; and skiers will gain no advantage by starting early.  A skier with an early start that is greater than 3 seconds gets an automatic 15-second penalty. Early starts will delay the awards ceremony because recalculations are time-consuming.
  • Live Timing will NOT be used.


  • Webscorer link to Results will be the site for the unofficial race results. Unofficial results will be labeled as “Preliminary Results” 
  • Deadlines for reporting timing errors AFTER Preliminary Results are posted:
    • For Friday’s race, deadline is 11:59 p.m. Friday evening. Call Andrew @ 541-390-8275 or email davis40@eou.edu to report errors.
    • For Saturday’s race, deadline is 12:15 p.m. to report timing errors to Andrew at timing shed

If the Technical Delegate receives notification of an infraction that will go to a jury meeting, Coaches will be notified by cell phone if one of their skiers has such an infraction.


  • Pick up VARSITY Relay Bibs with individual bibs on Friday at check-in.
  • All schools with two or more skiers of one gender enter ONE relay team per gender in the Varsity Relay race. 
  • If a school has only two racers, no racer skis the third lap. A dummy time will be calculated for the missing third skier and the team will get Varsity Relay points. 
  • All skiers on a Varsity Relay Team must attend the same school. No mixed teams.
  • Schools must enter a Varsity relay team to get a team score (Freestyle Pts + Classic Pts + Relay Pts = Team score)
  • Names for VARSITY relay skiers can be submitted at any time, even after the races are over.


  • Pick up JV Relay Bibs with individual bibs on Friday at check-in.
  • JV Relay bib sets are assigned to the BOYS JV Relay race or the GIRLS JV Relay race
  • JV Relay bib sets are pre-loaded into the Webscorer app according to BOYS JV Relay race or the GIRLS JV Relay race
  • Coaches can mix teams and genders, HOWEVER, the bib numbers assigned to the BOYS JV Relay race must race in the BOYS JV race; and bib numbers assigned to the GIRLS JV Relay must race in the GIRLS JV race
  • No lap times will be available for skiers on the JV relay legs. Only team times are reported.
  • No dummy times will be calculated for JV Relay teams that have only 2 racers.


  • Top 15 Individual Boys  (Combined CL and FS scores)
  • Top 15 Individual Girls (Combined CL and FS scores)
  • Top 5 Boys Teams (Combined Team Pts for CL, FS, and Relay) 
  • Top 5 Girls Teams (Combined Team Pts for CL, FS, and Relay)
  • Top 5 Boys Relay Teams and members of the teams
  • Top 5 Girls Relay Teams and members of the teams
  • First Place for Overall Combined Boys & Girls Team


  • 2:15 p.m. – Century Center (Open Plaza by Latitude 44 Sports) – 30 SW Century Dr. in Bend.
  • Ski clothing is appropriate ‘dress code’; venue is outside; dress warm
  • No food or beverages will be provided