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MEDICAL PLAN - 2o24 OISRAN State Championships


  1. First aid kit and other medical supplies are at a Blue Tent located at the Start/Finish Area of the race course.
  2. First-Aid volunteers will staff the First-Aid Tent.
  3. First Aid care and basic athlete assessment will be performed by OISRAN medical staff.
  4. Advanced care (beyond that of water, band-aides, sunscreen, warming tent, blister cream) and snowmobile transport will be provided by Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol & Nordic Ski Patrol
  5. First-Aid tent volunteers will have radio communication with Course Monitors to receive timely reports of any medical emergencies throughout the race course.
  6. Course Monitors and race officials will have radios to ask for NON-EMERGENCY medical help. 
  7. OISRAN Chief Medical Officer is Pete Reinhardt: Cell: 541-205-2138.
  8. Advanced Care Requests will be made directly to Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol & Nordic Ski Patrol on the race course OR by calling the Mt. Bachelor Ski Patrol directly at 541-693-0911.
  9. Technical Delegate for the State Championships is Alan Watson: cell phone: 509-341-4846
  10. Coaches need to know which of their racers have chronic care needs such as asthma and how to treat. 
  11. If a racer has to be sent to a hospital, coordinate with racer’s coach and parents.
  12. Fill out OISRAN incident report online at https://oisran.org/coaches-resources-forms/accident-incident-reporting/